Friday, January 4, 2013

Making The Morning Rush A Bit Easier

Do you ever feel as if there just is not enough time each day to get everything done? Your alarm sounds off and you instantly become stressed knowing what you must complete over the next few hours? Adults should really have no challenges getting themselves prepared for the day, but when you have to do it for yourself and a few little ones to boot, it can be rather overwhelming. Many parents absolutely dread the mornings with their children and trying to beat that clock each day. There will always be some days when things are going to pop up unexpectedly and there is nothing you can do about those days but roll with the punches. For the rest of the school year, the biggest and most important tool to having successful mornings is to always plan ahead. This means forcing yourself and your children to begin a routine in the evening before the school day to have everything ready to go for the morning rush.

Children should always have their homework completed in the evenings without fail. This happens all too often, the child is older and perhaps involved in a few sports after school and by the time they get home and eat dinner they are exhausted and cannot possibly begin to think about finishing all of their homework. This is when you the parent have to step in and make their lives a bit easier.

If they are involved in too many after school activities that it is interfering with their academics, then they must cut back on those activities. Do not allow your children to complete homework in the mornings as this will only encourage them to always be behind when planning their day well into adulthood. Packing lunches and book bags should always be done in the evening as well. If your child has a science project that needs to be placed in a bag to take to school, then get that ready too and do not leave anything to be completed as far as packing for school in the mornings.

Children can lay out their clothes they will be wearing the night before school as well, and this is a huge time saver in the morning especially for girls. They seem to pick apart their wardrobe in the mornings and it does nothing but waste what little time they have each morning. Parents should also lay out clothing and pack any lunches they will be taking to work the following day as well to leave very little to do in the mornings.

Once your family gets into the routine of the school year and preparing for it the night before in advance, you will notice how much smoother your morning rush can be. This will leave your mornings to eating breakfasts together and getting your children off to school on time and without the feeling of being rushed. If you just try it for one week, you will quickly realize how much time you’ve been wasting and your day will start off with a lot less stress as well.


  1. Great advice here! I have got to recommend my friend to this website. She has got several "little ones to boot" and I'm sure she could benefit from these articles, this one in particular.