Thursday, November 22, 2012

Silly Songs For Kids And Adults Alike

As the weather gets cooler, many of us start planning our holiday trips. Visits to relatives, Disneyworld, cruises-all of these are a lot of fun. The car ride over, however, can get kind of boring. After all, you can only play 'I Spy' so many times. If you want to find a fun way to keep your kids entertained, here are a few songs you can sing with them. They are easy enough for kids to learn, but funny enough for adults to tolerate enjoy.

One of the silliest songs I've ever heard has to be 'Fish Heads' by Dr. Demento. I heard it on a sketch show on Nickelodeon and, while my mom thought the idea of fish heads was gross, she couldn't help but laugh at the lyrics.

The first verse:
In the morning,
Laughing happy fish heads,
In the evening,
Floating in the soup.

The chorus:
Fish heads fish heads,
Roly poly fish heads,
Fish heads fish heads,
Eat them up yum!

The rest of the lyrics along with hilarious vocals can be found here:

My sister and I heard Dana Carvey sing 'The Broccoli Song' in this sketch way back in the '80s, and it's still one of our favorites. The very beginning of the video has one word that is not safe for work or kids, but the song itself is fine.

If you want a song that can be easily learned and played around a campfire, you might like 'On Top Of Spaghetti'. It's sung to the tune of 'On Top Of Old Smoky', but is much funnier. Here's the first verse:

On top of spaghetti
All covered with cheese
I lost my poor meatball
When somebody sneezed

The rest of the lyrics and vocals can be found here:

You may have heard this one from Shel Silverstein as a poem first, but little kids can get a kick out of it.

I'm being swallowed by a boa constrictor
I'm being swallowed by a boa constrictor
I'm being swallowed by a boa constrictor
And I don't like it very much
Oh no (oh no) he swallowed my toe (he swallowed my toe)
Oh me (oh me) he swallowed my knee (he swallowed my knee)
Oh fiddle (oh fiddle) he's up to my middle (he's up to my middle)
Oh heck (oh heck) he swallowed my neck (he swallowed my neck)
Oh dread, he's up to my (slurp gulp)

For more silly songs that both kids and adults can enjoy, visit Have fun!

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