Monday, November 19, 2012

Yoga Can Help Children With Arthritis

It is an amazing fact, that just about three hundred thousand little ones in Northern America are diagnosed with some variation of arthritis. This is a huge population of kids and it appears to be growing each day. The treatment help can be very costly and it can also be very hard to find for some parents seeking it for their children in smaller cities.

One new way of treating this horrible ailment in children is through the power of yoga. Every kid that suffers from this disease is very limited as to what activities they can actually participate in, most of which will all cause them a relative amount of pain. They generally cannot engage in team sports and can fall into the trap of becoming lazy or not having enough activity in their lives that all kids should bode. When yoga comes into their lives, it provides them with a great balance of just enough movement but not enough that it can harm them. The core muscles in the child's frame are worked diligently and they can move on with their day after practicing it. No machines are required for this activity and they do not carry any additional weight around by getting into yoga classes. You simply do the movements in the set poses and keep them there for just about a minute per pose and by that time the child is doing the poses as practice while breathing really well also. These breathing techniques are exactly what relaxes and calms the yoga child and aids them in holding those positions for longer periods of time.

Virtually any little one with or without this ailment can easily sit calmly with their legs folded in that common Indian style position you were taught as a young child. From there, they can also learn to bend forward and begin touching their toes which is a huge deal to a child in pain. These are all simple, practical steps in practicing the sport of yoga. Once the child continues the sport, they will begin to increase the amount of yoga steps they can be able to complete and start strengthening the core muscle areas and widely improve the child's posture at the same time. Kids that have poor posture also suffer from chronic back pain. When a kid sits and plays a video game or while they are sat at their desks while in school they have a bad habit of not sitting up correctly and slouching their frames forward. This causes them tremendous pain in their backs, neck and shoulders. Pain that can often result in a permanent ailment. By enrolling children in some form of yoga exercises, they can repair their posture automatically.


  1. This makes a lot of since, though I wouldn't have ever thought of a connection between the two until I read this. They need to get more information out about using yoga to aid the treatment of arthritis, especially in children.

  2. Yeah I think it is really great that they have found a helpful, drug-free "therapy" for children with arthritis. I agree though, they need to publicize it more as a therapy so people, especially those who have children that suffer with arthritis, will be aware of it as an treatment option.

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