Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cute Slumber Party Games For Teens And Tweens


The slumber party. 

In our generation, it was a staple of teen or tween 'girlhood'. To celebrate someone's birthday (or for no reason at all), we had a bunch of girls over to eat pizza, drink obscene amounts of soda and gossip about boys. We would call a guy we liked and hang up, do each other's makeup and lock the bedroom door so our little brother couldn't listen in. It was almost a rite of passage! Judging from what I've heard from friends who have daughters, things haven't changed much. In that case, here are a few fun (and relatively tame!) games for your daughter's next sleepover. I'll try to stick to games that can be played with what you already have rather than having to buy anything specific.

For 'Truth or Dare' with a slight twist, try a game I invented called 'Wheel of Torture'. Yes, the name is kind of grisly, but it's just a play on an old game show. Basically, they sit in a circle and spin a bottle like in the classic boy-girl kissing game. When the bottle stops, whoever it points to has to leave the room while the others think up something that she either has to do or have done to her. How crazy this gets depends on the girls, but for us it involved silly stuff like drinking a whole jar of pickle juice (yum!) or having to use Saran Wrap as a bra for an hour or so. If you're concerned about it getting troublesome, you may want to set some guidelines-nothing destructive, nothing that hurts anyone in any way, etc.

Another silly and fun sleepover game is 'The Fortune Game'. There are two versions of this, but the basic premise is that everyone writes little 'fortunes' on pieces of paper and folds them up for others to draw from in turn. Ours were things like, “You will wake up in X Crush's bed in the morning” or “You're going to marry Y and have six kids.” In another version, the guy's names were in a separate pile to draw from and fill into the 'fortune'. That way, the completed 'fortune' could be anything from swoon-worthy to downright weird. Again, a lot depends on the girls, but that's half the fun!

I suppose the 'fortune' aspect can add a twist to games like Truth or Dare or Truth or Consequence. If you never played the latter, it's only different from the former in that the question is posed beforehand and a player can choose to either answer or take a 'consequence' in the form of a dare or a silly 'punishment' like I mentioned above. If it won't cause an argument or anything, the consequence can also be 'applied' if they think the player is lying.

If you have a deck of cards and some snacks, the girls can play poker using pretzels or candy for the 'pot'. Awesome stuff like Andes mints or Milano cookies from Pepperidge Farm can make good 'high-stakes' chips. This works well for blackjack too.

As you can see, the stuff we used to do as teens and tweens can still be fun for girls of this generation. They still 'work' because the fun is all in what the girls make of them. Like I said before, feel free to lay down some 'ground rules' if you're concerned that the dares will go too far. Have fun!

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