Friday, December 14, 2012

Good 'Teacher' Gifts

You've got to hand it to teachers-they certainly have their work cut out for them.  Even with well-behaved kids, I don't think I'd be able to do their jobs. I love kids, but I don't always have the patience to deal with groups. I don't really know how to talk to little kids, which would make daycare or preschool a particular challenge. What can you get your child's teacher to show your appreciation for a job well done? Here are a few ideas. Some you can do by yourself while others work best if you get a group to go in on it. Either way, the teacher will know they're appreciated.

  • For a female teacher, a basket of relaxing bath salts and lotions. Even the best teachers need a break once in a while. Let your kids decorate the basket.
  • On the same tip as above, go in on a gift certificate to a spa with some other parents.
  • A funny desk calendar, especially if you know what kind the teacher likes. Your kids should be able to tell you if you don't already know.
  • If you know that the teacher likes a particular type of food, have your kids make a gift basket with that theme. For instance, a coffee lover might enjoy one of those single-pot coffee bags and biscotti. A chocolate lover might like a bag of Ghirardelli chocolates and some chocolate-covered pretzels. This might take a bit of 'snooping' if you don't know the teacher well, but they'll appreciate the personal touch.
  • If there is a particular kind of school supply needed, get that. A lot of teachers use their own limited funds to pay for supplies that their schools can't or don't provide. If you don't know what kind of supplies are needed, a gift card to Staples or Office Max may help.
  • Have your kids make a huge thank-you card. Better yet, make an edible one by using a sugar cookie mix and spelling it out in M&Ms or chocolate chips. That is, if s/he likes such things.
  • Gift cards are always appreciated, especially if they are from a store or website you know the teacher likes. Put it in the aforementioned thank-you card.
  • Get an inexpensive picture frame and have your kids decorate it with a picture of the class.

I'm sure you see a pattern here-the kids. If the kids are involved in making the teacher's gift, it makes it that much more special. Also, it's a good way to guarantee that s/he doesn't 'already have one'!

And finally, a half-joking teacher gift idea-

  • If all the other parents have given the teacher an apple like in the cartoons, get her a small carton of mulling spices. She'll appreciate being able to make herself a cup of hot apple cider, brandy optional. :) Let the kids pick out the spices; the teacher will pick out her own brandy. :)

Happy holidays!

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