Sunday, December 23, 2012

Last-Minute Gift Ideas


Are you one of the many people out scrambling to find last-minute gifts for your family? Are you looking for 'stocking stuffers' that your kids will like as much as the presents? Do you have to find a 'substitute' gift because the Latest Fad Toy your child wanted is sold out? Are you looking for a way to get 'last-minute' gifts that don't look like they were gotten at the last minute? Before you go fight the crowds, consider these ideas.

  • Get a decorated mug or glass and fill it with candy or some other small treat. My nephews love Gummy Bears. For younger kids, perhaps use the drinking cup from a place setting made especially for them. You can find those at most 'big-box' stores (Walmart, etc) for a good price. It's fun to have presents 'split up' like that because it can build anticipation; 'hmm, I wonder what this thing goes with?' Make a game out of finding the rest of the set.
  • On the same tip as above, get a nice basket or tin and fill it with trial- or travel-sized bath and body items. You can usually find these in the cosmetics section. This would probably work better for girls, but they do have items like this for boys. You could also do the same thing with small toys, candy or other snacks.
  • Your son might like an electric razor or some nice aftershave, especially if he is That Kid Who's Been Shaving Since He Was Twelve that every school grade seems to have.
  • Gift cards are your friend. Either get an all-purpose Visa or Amazon gift card, or find one for a particular store your child likes. Restaurant gift cards are good for teens who like to go out on dates. You can usually find a wide variety of cards in grocery, drug or 'big-box' stores. Now there are even cards for online stores such as iTunes that let them pack their devices with whatever songs or apps they want! This would be great for the many tech-savvy kids out there.
  • We always enjoyed the 'retro' toys and candy you find in stores like Cracker Barrel. Remember 'Wooly Willy', that cartoon face you put a beard on with a magnet? Or those drawing pads you erased by pulling up the top sheet? You probably loved those; maybe your kids will too. The Fun Pad coloring books and small Etch-a-Sketches make for good stocking stuffers. As for candy, you can never go wrong with an Astropop, hard-candy sticks or one of those lollipops that are about the size of your head. :) Since stores like this are attached to restaurants and have specialty items, they might not be as crowded as other stores.

There, now you have a few ideas for last-minute presents your family will love. If nothing else, they will appreciate the effort and 'personal touch' you put into it.

Merry Christmas!

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