Monday, June 11, 2012

5 Benefits To Sending Your Child To Preschool

You have made it to the preschooler age with your little one! Congratulations! It is a very important age, one that will make or break their social abilities and tell you exactly what type of person they will soon grow up to be. There are endless benefits to sending your children to preschool, and some parents just are not aware of them.

1- Social Skills: This is such a huge one, when you have a little one and they spend all day long with Mom or Dad and do not have any interaction with other kids their age, they can suffer from social problems. When it becomes time to actually attend school for first grade these kids tend to have the hardest time adjusting to the new schedule, teachers, and the orders they will have to follow. By placing them in a preschool program they can adapt to their surroundings, learn how to share and how an organized day filled with play and learning is completed.

2- Potty Training: While most kids are already trained in this arena and some preschools will require them to be, this can still help them. Kids do not want the embarrassment of having accidents on a daily basis in front of their classmates and in doing so, they self motivate to continue their potty training practices.

3- Instruction: Kids that attend preschool are more likely to have less disciplinary actions when they are in first through third grades. This is generally a result of having to learn to follow rules and a daily plan from the age of three or four.

4- Respect: Children that attend preschool learn respect. They have to respect the teacher's rules and they have to respect the other children as well. They are not allowed to hurt other kids or be disrespectful at all during classes and this will help you parenting at home as well.

5- Making new relationships: It is so important for kids to feel as if they have their own personal lives, even at the age of three. They can make new friends, have relationships and bonds with their teachers also. This can be the beginning of friendships that they have for many years to come.

Preschool is something that you have to want your child to accomplish. It may be a huge step for the parents involved and can even spark some tears from Mom or Dad on the first week, but overall it will turn into a rewarding experience that will frame who they are as young children. If they have older siblings it may be a good idea to have those bigger kids in the family talk to the little ones and get them excited about going to preschool!


  1. I would recommend it also. Unfortunately, in some areas they are only allowed to go into K4 or child development as some schools categorize it, if they need it. If they are too advanced, they won't let them in, they make them wait til kindergarten.

  2. Early Childhood Development Centres or ECD centres are still developing. Less than 10% of children in Zambia attend pre-school. It's catching on here, slowly. I do see based on this article the benefits though. I think it would help prepare the children better, than going into grade 1 with no school environment experience at all.