Thursday, March 29, 2012

5 Great Gift Ideas For Boys

If you have a special young man in your life that you are desperately seeking a great gift idea for, then you have come to the right place. Shopping for boys is actually easier than shopping for young girls as you may not buy something they enjoy, whereas a boy can be much simpler to find a great gift. Here are the top 5 ideas for gifts for boys:

Electronics- depending on your budget, a video game system is a wise choice for a boy. It can provide them with hours of entertainment and usually they already know friends with games to use on it. You can also choose games for a system they already own, as many times each month there are new editions for games in the retailers and they can never have too many!

Remote control vehicles- this can be a boat, car, truck or plane. The airplanes have truly come a long way, they can last for hours of flying time and they do not break as easily as they did many years ago. Card and trucks are easier to steer for a younger boy, and they can use those inside the home riding over any ideas they may have to create jumps. They even make cars that have the ability to drive up the wall now! Boats are great for any child that resides close by a lake or pond, or even one to use in the swimming pool!

Sports equipment- there are very few boys that do not enjoy playing at least one sport. If they play for a team group, you can find them items such as apparel or accessories to utilize during their games (bats, mitts, gloves, spikes, balls). Buying a decent sized net for a soccer, lacrosse or hockey lover is always great for them to use right at home in the driveway or in the garage.

Art items- many people assume boys are not as into art sets as girls are and they absolutely are! Paint sets, and ones with markers or crayons may be more suitable for a younger boy below the age of ten years old. The older boys that happen to enjoy drawing, may like the pencil sets for sketching pads and also any oil paint sets, you may have quite the artist on your hands!

Movies and music- face it, children today are walking around with cell phones and mp3 players as if they have to. Buy them any gift cards to download music of their choice, or a portable music player if they do not possess one. Movies are also a great gift idea for a boy, they will run into those rainy days when they cannot play outside and will need something to do to occupy their day, why not watch a movie with some popcorn? They are also great for when they have an sleepovers as well.

Boys are easy to shop for, they just want something to stimulate them. That can be in the sports industry or something they can use at home for art or for entertainment.


  1. Yep, remote control baby! My youngest son is really into Ninja Turtles and they have a ninja turtles remote controlled four-wheeler. It wasn't a bad price at all, I got it for about 15 bucks at Ross.

  2. You have that right about the art sets! I think many children love to color and paint, some are just more inclined to it than others. I am planning on getting my son an easel for Christmas.