Thursday, July 5, 2012

Do You Suspect Your Teen Is On Drugs?

Being the parent of a teenager can be a very challenging process. Some days it may seem as if you live with someone you don't even know, others they may be your best friend. Sons and daughters both have the same issues, they simply choose to express them differently. Many parents have great relationships with their kids that are teens, and do not let this discourage you with your own relationship with your teen, it is completely normal to have some troubles when your kids are growing into adults.

Think back when you were a teenager. There may be some things you were allowed to do that you wouldn't be caught dead permitting your kids to do. Times certainly have changed, and in the process kids today have gotten much smarter at hiding things and getting what they want out of their parents. Asking for additional allowance every week is a bit less extreme over your kids experimenting with drugs. Currently, there is a huge epidemic with teenagers and drug use and unfortunately most parents say they never had a clue this was going on.

Knowing the signs of early detection for teen drug use can literally save your child's life:

~Being more aloof or alone
~Significant weight loss or gain
~Hanging out with different friends
~Getting poor grades in school
~Losing interest in the family activities
~A large change in their attitude
~Your teen wearing different clothing
~Having a new boyfriend or girlfriend in their lives
~Strange or unusual behaviors
~Being disrespectful

If your teen is showing any of these signs, make sure to begin addressing them as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the bigger problem your child may develop. Kids often try drugs just because they assume it is something everyone does at that age, and because they want to fit in. Talk to your kids as openly as you can be about the topic and do not have discussions that show your anger or disappointment. When you become defensive, they have an instant reason to go back into their shells and not discuss it. Stay positive and advise them they can have fun in other means. Choosing better friendships and having a reward system for getting good grades never hurt anyone either. All kids, even teens want to have money and items to obtain the things they want. Use this to your advantage when making a plan to help your teen.

In the event your teen truly has an issue that needs to be addressed, ensure you begin correcting it immediately. Consult with your doctor and perhaps even a therapist for further instructions. If your child has a significant problem, make the intervention today and there are endless certified ones in your area that can greatly help you accomplish this meaningful task.

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  1. I know that teen drug use is a problem all over the world. In Zambia a child's best hope for staying off drugs is to stay in school, focused on education. It seems in America, many teens are introduced to drugs while in school.