Thursday, February 7, 2013

Giving Your Kids The Gift Of A Second Language

When you become a parent, you always want the absolute best for your kids. Beyond what you had, and certainly you want them to have more education and become advanced within their peers as well. One method of doing this is by giving your kids the gift of a second language.

This can be done through various forms. The first is by you, or your spouse teaching them. If you happen to possess the skill of another language, then do put your skills to the limit and instill the second language within your kids. Perhaps a grandparent or other family member has the ability to pass it on to your children, either way if you have knowledge you should always pass it on to your little ones.

The second option is when you purchase a teaching option. These can come in the form of audio discs, videos and books. This type of literature can be great, but it is always easier to learn when you have the ability to hear what each word is supposed to sound like. Many use the famous brand "Rosetta Stone" to achieve their new language skills, and these products can be rather helpful for millions of people. Going on the web is a free option that can pay off as well. For example, there are endless websites that permit you to type in the word and then in return, they will play an audio sound bite of what the word is determined to sound like. This may take a bit longer to master the new way of speaking as you will have to search word for word, but it can be done.

Next, you can move on to a professional form of teaching. Any local college can offer language classes, most are relatively inexpensive also. They generally have classes on evenings or weekends for you to enjoy, and also offer ones for children alike. They can be fun and a quick way to learn the skill for life. In most secondary schools nationwide, your children can take a language of their choice by the time they hit seventh or eighth grade. This is a big advantage for the children and they can learn alongside their friends and have fun doing it.

Look into all of the aforementioned suggestions. There is something invaluable about giving the gift of a second language to your kids. It is a skill they will take with them for the rest of their lives. It is something they can utilize later as adults when they travel the world, or when they go to work. The more attributes you have to add to your resume, the better career your kids may have as the age. Take some classes with your children, and learn together for a great bonding time!


  1. Though, it is a proven fact that if you start teaching them as young as 3 and 4 they will catch on at an amazing speed, a speed that is impossible to replicate at a later age.

  2. I think that this is a very good thing. I am Zambian and fluent in English, in fact it is a predominant language here. But my native language is Lunda and therefore my son grows up learning both.