Friday, May 18, 2012

Help For A Picky Eater

Everyone knows no two children can be the same. They will not learn the same speed, not look the same and certainly not be as agreeable on everything. For many Mom's out there getting help for their picky eater at home is never enough. You may try and try each day at dinnertime with very little success.

Transforming a picky eater is lot of hard work from the whole family. It can cause arguments between spouses and even the other siblings. It can make going out to dinner totally impossible without a fight. The truth of the matter is he or she may not just be acting difficult over food, they may actually have some form of sensory ailment. Review the symptoms your child has when they need to sit down and eat and discuss them further with the pediatrician.

Some tricks to look into with your picky eater are to talk to your child about the situation, find garnishes they enjoy eating and even preplan what meals they may desire to eat ahead of time. By talking openly with your child regarding the eating issue, they can disclose to you what the problem seems to be. They may be having an issue with their foods that is easily fixable, one that can be talked over and repaired for good.

Next, look into having your little one create a list of which items they really like to eat. Everything from candy to vegetables, even drinks. Use this list to begin developing snacks and meals combining any of the item choices they displayed in their food list. Go online and search for additional recipes if you are running out of ideas, thankfully there are endless articles and tips on the web from other mothers that have already lived through this type of syndrome.

Another option is to get a nutritionist involved. You may need to pay for this service, but a mere one visit with a nutrition specialist can better define the underlying issues and provide you with several other ideas for meals and snacks. Think outside of the box, mix foods that you ordinarily wouldn't piece together just to get the child's attention. Some parents on the blogs have also suggested to have the child eat in a different situation. Let them eat outside if the weather permits, decorate the table in a fun manner. It is also recommended that you allow the child to become involved in the food preparation process. Kids are very prideful little people, if they have the opportunity to help in creating the meals, they are more opt to eat what they have proudly created.


  1. What ever happened to "I don't care if you don't like it, it's good for you, and you're going to sit there and eat it even if you have to sit there all night!" Lol, this worked for a 3 of my kids. Sure they gave me hell, and were stubborn enough to sit there for even an hour or more, but I am more stubborn so eventually they would give in. (This works for 3 and older I would say)

  2. I agree with you wendythames. With genocide and starvation one tiny border over from where I live in Zambia, not one bit of food can or should be taken for granted.