Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How To Buy A Gift For A Child They Will Love

Whether it is the holiday season, or you need a special gift for a child in your life for their birthday or just to say you care, you should always stick to what they like! For example, if you have to buy something for a little girl and she happens to be a tomboy, you may not want to buy her a makeup set as it probably will not go over very well. Instead, before you set foot to look for the gift, it may be a wise idea to inquire with the child’s parents first to get some form of what activities they currently enjoy engaging in and go from there.

To start your search, go to the local toy store. Yes, it is loud in there, but well worth your trip rather than going from store to store and not finding what you were seeking. Most of the retailers now have the store laid out in a format that is easy to navigate. It has toys separated in sections as far as age ranges and interests. Such as preschoolers will have their own section filled with paints, dolls, trucks and things to build to entertain them. Infants and toddlers have a few rows dedicated to their style as far as toys they can learn to walk, crawl and play with. Reading toys are beginning to be rather fun these days, with many options for children under the ages of six to learn how to read successfully and through small hand held computerized games. Try not to ever purchase a gift for a baby that is too advanced for them as they could potentially get hurt on playing with it or it could annoy the parents as well.

For older children, you can still find many great gift ideas in the same toy store. Children bicycles and pocket rocket motorcycles are just a couple of examples that all children love to receive as gifts. Remember to buy a helmet is the child does not possess one already, and any elbow or knee pads as well. Finding any video games may be a wise option for boys and for girls any type of board games they may enjoy playing with their friends. Depending on what your budget may be, a great gift is a video game system as well as a portable DVD player. Think of how many times a child is stuck in the car on road trips or even on an airplane and they could get a lot of sue out of one a portable DVD player. A portable music player is yet another option for both boys and girls. Children are so advanced currently, they can download their own music at very early ages, some as young as six year old. This way they can choose the music they like and it can be a gift they can grow with for years to come. Gift cards for a portable music player as well as to any retail establishments you know the child visits regularly are also greatly appreciated by not only the child receiving the gift, but by the parent as well!


  1. Doing your best to pay attention when they talk to you is your best bet to picking up on what they like and don't like. If you listen closely enough, they know exactly what they want most of the time, you just have to pick up on it.

  2. My son being only 5 has not exhibited an inclination towards a particular sport. I think I might get him a football for Christmas an he can have a go at it, maybe his foot work will be telling.