Friday, August 3, 2012

How To Enjoy Going Outdoors With Your Autistic Child

Autism is such a mysterious condition that can cause so many different reactions is each child that develops it. The hardest part for the parents of Autistic little ones is not learning how to cope with the big diagnosis, instead it is how to manage your everyday life with a child that has it.

Going out in public may be your biggest challenge as the parent of an Autistic child as they generally do not enjoy it unless they are familiar with their surroundings. This is where planning ahead will save your family outing. Do not ever leave home without a few items to entertain the child. Items that not only they enjoy and would find comfort in using while in a strange place, but items that will intrigue them and keep them busy. Autistic children are very intelligent creatures, they sometimes have a mind that works in overtime mode and they enjoy factual toys and things that cause them to think. You will know what items your child likes to dig into, but some examples of this would be a lap desk for the car ride and a deck of cards, or a puzzle book or word search. Another great idea for keeping your Autistic child at ease while going out is to give them an mp3 player with their favorite music on it. Studies have shown that not only do the children enjoy this and it is therapeutic for them, but they also find it very stimulating to have that to focus on and not the big trip they are taking. You can event take that idea step further and put educational audio books or lesson plans on that mp3 player, as there are many Autistic children that have exceptional memories as well. Your child could be learning another language while sitting in the car, it could be that great of an educational experience for them while you are at ease that they are not fighting their own symptoms going out for the day.

It is also true that Autistic children stick to a plan, a routine and if they have to work around their normal routine they may end up having a horrible day lost in the shuffle. Be honest with your child and tell them they are going out for the day ahead of time, even plan it on a calendar ahead of time. The less surprises you provide the child with, the easier your life will be to manage. Considering they will have to leave their surroundings for the day, help them by packing some form of snacks or food for them. In many cases Autistic children can be so specific regarding their eating habits that some only eat foods that are orange, foods that are in the shape of a square and things to that nature so always be prepared. The more you plan ahead and have comfort items and snacks available for your child, the easier it will become for them to welcome going out more often.

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