Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How To Get Your Child To Clean Their Room

Teaching little ones to be tidy is something every parent struggles with. One wonderful suggestion is to always teach them in a fun manner versus the traditional, “just go do it” method. Some kids even start cleaning their rooms then they end up getting distracted by so many toys in the area that they stop the project all together.

First, you must advise them of your expectations when the room is completed. Tell them why they need to keep to clean room and more importantly why it is not your duty to maintain. Allow them to make any suggestions as to where certain items should go as it is their space and they may want certain things close by.

If your children are younger it is your responsibility to provide them with a box, chest or containers to place their items into or else they have nowhere to place them but on the floor. Little kids do better with plastic containers so they can easily toss items in and out of the box and not hurt their fingers on any metal or wooden hinges. A bookshelf with fabric bins inside can also help greatly for teaching organization skills and making the room appear neat and tidy. Under the bed storage options have greatly improved with decorative containers and also drawers that can be slid underneath and used for storing clothing or toys.

If your child is of the age of eight or older, you may want to consider buying them a desk. This can hold their papers, art supplies, writing utensils and craft goodies. They can also use it to do their homework and for coloring purposes as well. Bookshelves also come to mind for older and younger kids that are avid readers. If your child owns more than twenty books they need at least a shelf to store their favorite stories or you will see them scattered on the floor.

Clothing storage and neatness seems to be a big complaint of all parents. Kids could care less if their polo shirts are folded accordingly, and in order to keep their end of the bargain you can make their closets more efficient. For example, some parents keep all clothing items in the closet versus a dresser. They use shelves in the closet and provide the kids with smaller, plastic hangers if need be and set up a place for everything. Make sure you child can reach the rods to hang their goods and hang up hooks for backpacks, coats and umbrellas.

Everything should have its own place in the home, including your children’s rooms. If you need additional help getting it together, seek the help of an advisor or get down to your local container store for storage pieces to create a new space.


  1. Lol, I definitely need to seek the help of an adviser, but I don't know if I can afford one. It seems no matter how hard I try, there isn't a place for everything. By the time I get home from work, pick up after my husband and 3 kids, I'm exhausted. I need help!!

  2. This isn't so difficult because we don't have a lot of things and it is only me and my 5 year old son. I teach him to organize just like me though. Have a place for everything. I use lots of containers (or make-shift ones, like shoe boxes etc) and try to label everything in both English, and my native language Lunda. This helps my son learn better I think.