Thursday, September 6, 2012

How To Help Your Children Have A Great Sports Season

When your child decides they want to become involved in team sports within their local school system they can begin to embark on their athletic career that can truly turn them into the adult they are going to be. Many kids try a few sports when they are young and then they go on to other things with their lives and not pursue an athletic career in high school or college. Either way, when your child decides that they want to be a part of any team there a few rules to live by to make it a very successful transition for them.

Whether it is baseball or cheerleading, your children can learn quite a bit from being in a team environment which ill be skills they will take with them for life. Learning how to encourage a fellow team member and how to work together to achieve a common goal are fantastic life lessons for any child. There is also a level of discipline that is involved with being on a sports team such as attending the practices and the games and any outside functions that are involved as well. You can ruin a child’s perspective on team sports by allowing them to miss these practices and the events during the season that are required by the coaches. It is important to teach them that what they sign up for they need to finish and not be quitters, but instead to follow through with their obligations. The next lesson for children in team sports is to learn how to be more humble people. When their team loses they need to learn how to have a great attitude and realize that they are there to have a good time and sometimes losing is part of being on a team. Children should never be encouraged to tease or harass another teammate if they fell short of their duties during the games or practices. They need to focus on their own skills and to always provide kind and encouraging remarks to make the team better and not to emphasize on a loss.

As parents you need to be encouraging of your child’s interest in team sports, but not in an overwhelming way. Many parents make the mistake of trying to live vicariously through their children and that can only result in a very dangerous situation. Instead, allow them to sign up for sports that they want to play and not what you want them to play. Do not push your child to attend practices and games if they are very sick as it is simply not worth it for them to become seriously ill or suffer an injury. Be supportive of their new interest and ensure they will be prepared for what the season ahs to offer them. Do not over schedule your child by giving them too many activities to participate in each week and provide them with all of the necessary equipment they will need to be a great team member and have all of the tools they will need for a great upcoming season.

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  1. See, I want to get my son interested in a sport in general, but do not want to push him. We do not have what Americans call a YMCA, or anything like it in the area we live.