Monday, May 7, 2012

Info On Health Insurance For Nannies

The job requirements for nanny work are plenty and take a great amount of effort and patience to work closely alongside children all day long. They contribute to the well being of your child or children and aide in forming them to become well rounded adults in the future. To trust anyone with your children is a large responsibility and if you have the luck of finding that perfect nanny then paying them what they are worth is crucial to ensure they will be around for years. While pay rates can be negotiated, health insurance for nannies should equally be discussed.

Health insurance for nannies can be the determining factor for landing a great nanny and it can also be the reason many nannies leave their childcare jobs to specifically seek a position that provides them with such benefits. For the average nanny to provide their own health insurance, they would need to spend nearly if not over half of their monthly salaries on benefits just for themselves not including any family they may have of their own. Health insurance for nannies unfortunately is very expensive to buy privately and cost several hundred of dollars per month for one person. Considering some full time nannies make around three hundred dollars per week, to pay for an insurance policy on that income amount just is not always feasible.

When you offer health insurance for nannies you can better rates on the policies as an employer seeking the package rather than an independent person trying to gain them. You can select from a basic health insurance policy or one that includes dental and vision insurance as well in which both are available for price quoting on many websites. Some families opt to pay a higher a wage to their nannies to balance the cost of buying their own insurance policies. The main reason health insurance for nannies is so vital is not just to ensure they have coverage and will be less likely to leave for other employment as it is to aide them in staying healthy to take care of your children. If a nanny becomes ill and cannot afford their own insurance, chances are they will be sick for longer time frames simply because they cannot afford certain treatments or medications to cure their illnesses. The longer the nanny is off work due to such illnesses, the longer the parents may have to be off work as well due to the lack of childcare they then have.

Some alternatives for health insurance for nannies can be if the family opts to pay for half of the policy for their nanny in the beginning such as the first year of childcare they provide and increase that amount of benefit contributions as the years continue as part of a bonus package for every year they are employed with them. Talk the issue over with your nanny or any potential ones you may be hiring and they may find it acceptable to not inquire about benefits or be on their spouse’s plan already. For any nannies seeking new employment and in need of benefits, make that clear with your potential employer and attempt to negotiate an agreement that works best for both you and the family.


  1. I considered hiring a nanny, so I could go back to work, but then we found out I was pregnant again, so I'm staying the nanny. :) Lol, wish I could get health insurance.

  2. In Zambia we have socialized medicine. I know there are many conflicting views of this in the states, but I for one know there are many benefits of socialized medicine.