Friday, August 24, 2012

Should You Vaccinate Your Child?

My thoughts exactly!

Having a baby means making major decisions right from the gate. From the minute your baby is born, you will have to decide whether or not to vaccinate your child. They can get shots as early as their very first days in the hospital and making that crucial decision should truly be made prior to giving birth to plan accordingly.

The main issue with vaccinations is that many new parents feel they are pushed into getting them for their children by medical professionals and peers alike. It is just something society does without every really questioning it. Children will be required to have certain vaccinations prior to entering their academic career. Before they can even be registered for kindergarten they will need a series of shots on file. Some decide to home school their kids just to avoid the shots, which may sound extreme to some people but to those that are set against having their child vaccinated, it is a small price to pay.

Many moms and dads feel as if there are too many metal ailments inside of the vaccinations and this is why they do not agree with their children having them. Others are still debating the ever popular measles, mumps, and rubella vaccination and the possibility of it giving the child Autism. This is ultimately a decision that will effect the rest of their lives, so do make it wisely with your spouse before jumping into it.

Most of the parents that live the vaccinated free lifestyle with their children, are those that also live a very organic life. This is the practice of eating a more balanced diet plan, one with natural foods and fats and zero to little preservatives. They encourage their kids to take on a different lifestyle, one that does not permit many sugars or packed foods that are not raw. They generally do not utilize modern medicines either, many families that opt to steer clear of the vaccinations do try their best to cure any health problems through other methods that are more holistic. Breastfeeding, drinking plenty of water, and ensuring their kids are also limited to very specific dairy products as well are all key components to this way of life.

You will need to be very aware and educated on the various illnesses that your children can get when you opt not to have the shots. Keep them away from any environments where they may be prone to getting the illnesses. Hand washing will be imperative, as will be a higher standard of bathroom care for kids without immunizations. Read all of the information online and speak with your doctor prior to making such an important life decision.


  1. I personally think it would be irresponsible of me not to make sure my children are vaccinated. The diseases and infections they could come down with as a result of not being vaccinated are far worse than the chances of it being detrimental to them. You can't keep them sheltered for their whole childhood-- I mean, I guess you could, but is that really good for them?

  2. Yes, vaccinations are so very important. Living in a country like mine, you see first hand what can happen to those who do not get vaccinated; many times you take the risk of extreme sickness if not death.

  3. I once had a roommate who started school in England, where her parents were from. They didn't have the same regulations regarding vaccinations that we do here. I'm not exactly sure how this was dealt with when she came over here and started school, but I remember that one of our state colleges refused her admission because she had never gotten all the right shots. Not all colleges do this, but I'm saying that I think not getting your kids vaccinated can have problems down the line that most of us wouldn't think about.