Friday, August 17, 2012

Speaking To Your Kids About Staying Off Of Drugs

The mere though of your children using street drugs of any kind can be the most frightening thing to ponder for any parent. The issue is to block it out of your mind and wish for that to be something that never occurs in their life may be living in a fairy tale world. More children are experiencing with drugs of some form now than they have ever before in past generations. This could be due to the amount of drugs that are easily accessible to kids these days or it could be that children have more freedoms now than ever before and some also have access to having a lot of money in their possession to buy them.

Before you begin to randomly drug test your child in your own home, stop the problem before it starts. Talking with your children about drugs and sex and all of the things you want them to avoid in life while they are teens is a vital element to having healthy children. If you never address the issues as the parent, often times the child experiment with the drugs along with their friends simply out of the unknown. It is something new in their lives, something other kids are doing and something they hear rumors about that can possibly make them feel great. While all the adults in the world are already aware of the severe dangers that drugs and children can bring, they simply have no knowledge to from an educated decision about it unless you the parent informs them of what the consequences can be.

Teach your children as young as possible in their teen years what drugs are and what they look like. This is very important as some kids end up taking drugs and they just assume their friends gave them an over the counter medication for a headache, as millions of teens do not have any idea what drugs really look like. Show them the results of someone that has abused drugs, some people can become very ill, frail and weak and even die. Others just ruin their lives and the lives of their families by not working and even selling their possessions to buy more drugs. It can kill you and that is the most vital tip to pass along to your children. They may foolishly assume that by taking drugs one or two times they are not harming themselves and that they cannot die from it. All it takes is one time to have your child accidentally overdose or take a pill or smoke something that does not agree with their bodies and they can end up hospitalized. Review with your child regarding the importance of not giving in to peer pressure. Advise them of any techniques to steer clear of bullying and those friend in their lives that can be dangerous to their health by subjecting them to drugs. Make them very aware that they can always make new friends, but that you simply cannot create another child just like them.


  1. The sad thing is, if you are sending your child to public middle and high school, chances are they will be introduced to many types of drugs at school; it's not a matter of if it happens it's when. And that is why it is extra important to start talking to them about it as early as 10 or 11, otherwise if you don't, some punk kid will.

  2. Only hope for kids staying off of drugs in Zambia is for them to stay in school. I do not want my son to get older. I fear for him and what exposure to this cruel world may do to him.