Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tips For Relaxed Methods of Parenting

It seems like everywhere you turn these days, there’s some new danger facing children that their parents feel the need to keep them safe from. Between flu epidemics, kidnappers, drugs, skinned knees, bullying and people who otherwise take advantage of young children, it sometimes feels like it would be better altogether to just place children in their own little plastic hamster-wheels so that parents have that much less to worry about from their child getting hurt. The fact is, parents may be worrying too much about how much danger their children are really in under a lot of circumstances.

Parents need to remember that their kids are exactly that – kids! So, when your child wants to go puddle-jumping out in the rain (or after one of those wonderful summer rainstorms), don’t keep them from being kids just because they might get a cold or they might get some germs. Make sure you give them the opportunity to play in the mud, then be sure you give them a good cleaning up after they’re done. Of course, you don’t want to leave them soaked for long periods, since that would be dangerous, but you don’t want to keep them from a little bit of dirt or mud, either! The same goes for other “messy” activities, as well. If your little one wants to help mom or dad bake cookies, let them help; just teach them the value of washing their hands after they handle the raw eggs!

This one may sound a little harsh, but don’t be afraid to let your kids get hurt, either! If your little one wants to play on the playground, let him or her run around a bit without needing to be under your constant supervision! Kids are more resilient than a lot of folks give them credit for, so if they fall down, let them pick themselves up and dust off the dirt. If they come crying to you with a skinned knee, clean it up, but let them go back to playing – there’s no need to go home just because of a little scrape! In this same sense, don’t be overprotective, in general! Let your kids have fun and experience things, even if you think it might be a little risky! If you honestly feel like it’s too much to let them fly on their own, at least try to watch from a distance so that your children can have a feeling of freedom while you still maintain the feeling that you are in control and able to help out in your children’s lives.

Some parents are really big on the whole nutrition scene, as well. While it’s perfectly respectable to want to be more green, or even to want to live life as a vegetarian or vegan, try not to go off the deep end with your child! There are lots of healthy foods your child can eat, and their health is definitely important, but it’s a little overboard to keep your child from eating any kind of sugars! Try to find a balance – allow your children some sugars, but sparingly! That way, your child can still enjoy things like cake and cookies, but you can feel like you’re still taking an active part in your child’s health.


  1. Good article. Totally agree, it's important to just let kids be kids sometimes. And especially, let them get hurt, scrapes and bruises are a normal part of childhood, let them get toughened up.

  2. Yes, sometimes parents protect their kids too much and don't let them enjoy life before it gets really hard (lol, being an adult).