Thursday, April 12, 2012

Yoga For Kids To Decrease Anxiety

If you feel you have a child that may need some form of relaxation therapy, you must consider yoga practices to help aide your child to a more satisfying life. Millions of children are under stress unlike ever before, they are left home alone more than any other generation and with the millions of families lost in divorces, combined with peer pressure it is no wonder so many kids today are on anxiety medications.

This is not just for teenagers, it is younger children ones even in first or second grade levels dealing with the daily grind of coping with their stress. Many parents opt to have their child evaluated by the pediatrician and go through various forms of treatments, all too many result in medications to provide some form of relief of their children’s stress or anxiety issues. While medications may be successful for some families, there are endless families that do not wish to participate in such treatments, for those parents what options do they have?

One method that is dated back for centuries is the profound ability yoga can have on the mind and spirit. It calms you naturally and also keeps you fit at the same time. For children, the yoga sessions can provide them with an avenue to diffuse the stress and to take a few minutes each day to come back to center and clear their minds. When they continue to engage in the yoga classes on a routine schedule, they will become more focused and not as easily stressed out during the week. Yoga classes involve several poses the body is placed into to make a flexible and lean physique. It also encourages many breathing patterns that are crucial for relaxation. If someone frequently experiences issues with high blood pressure, panic attacks or hyperventilation, they can greatly improve those conditions by utilizing their yoga breathing techniques throughout the day.

Many children are not exactly the most active bunch of kids as they now have several means to distract themselves all day long such as video games and watching television. When they get in these patterns of sitting around all day long, they result in gaining weight as well as not having enough time to be active during the week to stay focused and not result in carrying around all that stress. The yoga can be taken in a class setting or it can be given by private instruction through a personal yoga instructor. You can also take advantage of the many yoga gyms if your city possesses one, in which they utilize yoga stretching machines to increase that flexibility and gain that inner peace. Some children may be so inclined to desire taking yoga in a class setting, and for those children you can still obtain valuable lessons and instruction right at home. There are hundreds of yoga fitness DVD’s on the market today that you could start off with to ease your child into the yoga practices. Lots of encouragement by the parents and perhaps even joining in during their classes will provide them with even more motivation to be successful at coping with stress and having a more peaceful child.


  1. I think this would be a very good outlet for my younger ones. I can definitely see how this would teach them from a young age how to cope with stress.

  2. I practice yoga myself, but I didn't ever think about yoga for kids. Not a bad idea...

  3. Yoga is something that has within the last 4 or 5 years been pushed in Zambia. Ha, in fact in 2008 Prince Mazandu politically pushed yoga, encouraging all Zambians to incorporate it into everyday lives, and be apart of the physical education in school.