Sunday, June 30, 2013

Even More 'Mommy Apps'

If you're like me, you can't seem to live without your mobile device. Whether it's an iPod, iPhone or Android, these small pieces of technology seem to have taken hold on our lives in a way we never expected. What's good for us is that a lot of other companies and websites have followed suit, making a lot of programs and applications that can help make our mobile-obsessed lives easier. If you're a busy mom, you know how helpful this can be! I've taken the liberty of listing a few of the 'mom-essential' apps I've found.

They're not all 'mommy-specific'; sometimes we need some mindless entertainment. You spend so much of your time focusing on everyone else, so why not take just a little bit of time out for you?

On to the apps:

1) BabyBrain This app allows you to keep a log of everything you want (or don't want!) to keep track of for your baby. Diaper changes (and what was in them), sleep schedules, feeding schedules and types (breast vs. bottle), etc. are easy to make note of. This is very helpful for a mom-on-the-go who is trying to get her baby on a schedule. Since you can keep track of multiple babies at the same time, this is especially helpful for long car trips! It's $4.99, but the four-star rating tells me it's worth it!

To help with sleep-
2) Relax Melodies. This is a free, five-star-rated app that allows you to choose from 46 different settings-rain, the ocean, flute, white noise, etc-that can help you and/or your family to relax. You can make a list of your favorites for easy access, as well as creating a 'mix tape' to play them on a continuous 'loop'. Once you've picked a sound, you can program it to play at varying volumes to help you get to sleep (or wake up) slowly. It's very helpful when you're away from home and not used to the sounds (or lack thereof). If you are like me and fall asleep to an oscillating fan, that noise setting can make you feel a bit more 'at home'. Since it's free anyway, it's not like you're out any cash if you don't like it.

For basic information-
3) WebMD. If you like the website, you'll love the app! Like the site, you can check your symptoms to find suggestions and information approved by physicians. It also has a first-aid guide, which can be very helpful if you have an emergency and need guidance. It can even point you toward the closest doctor and/or pharmacy using just your location service! The App Store search also leads you to specifics like WebMD Baby, WebMD Allergy, WebMD Pregnancy, etc...all free.

And now, for the 'mindless entertainment'...

4) Candy Crush Saga! I'm totally addicted to this game. It started on Facebook, but now 'there's an app for that'. It can be 'synced up' with Facebook to make it easier to keep track of your progress and share things such as extra lives or moves with your friends. It's basically 'Bejeweled' with candy; you line up three candies of the same kind to clear them, or line up more to make 'special' candies. It can be pretty challenging and frustrating at times, but it's fun. Oh, and, it's free. You can buy power-ups, but you don't have to.

Have fun!

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