Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Ways To Have "Girl Time" With Your Daughter

Some of my most treasured memories from growing up involve "girl time" with my mom. Even if we didn't call it that, I feel special that she wanted to do things with just me. I don't remember specific conversations so much as just being given the gift of her time. If you would like to make similar memories with your daughters, here are a few ideas. If money is an issue, most of them can be done without spending much at all.

-Around "prom time", try on formal dresses and take pictures of the ones you like. At other times of the year, put together some of the best (and worst!) outfits and take pictures. 

-Some makeup counters will give free makeovers. Ditto nail salons. If not free, find coupons for reduced-price manicures or pedicures. Better yet, buy a kit from the store and put them on each other! There are all kinds of interesting designs in the cosmetics section, some of which are overlays that can be easily removed.

-It might be fun to let your daughter do your makeup and nails, especially if she doesn't know much about it! You could come out looking pretty garish, but that's part of the fun! Take pictures.

-Set up a sundae bar and make each other sundaes or banana splits.

-On the "food" tip, find a recipe you can make together. This post and this page can give you ideas.

-Find some dish that you both like and make it "yours".  At Pizza Hut, my mom and I had "our" pizza-Thin 'n Crispy pepperoni with green peppers and black olives. It was a pizza no one else in our family liked, so it was the perfect thing for us to have on a day out.

-On a non-school night, have a "slumber party". Watch movies, pop popcorn, break out the chocolate and snuggle on the couch in your pajamas. For extra fun, pick a movie with an actor you both find attractive. My mom and I used to "agree on" Pierce Brosnan. :)

-We used to get felt and sequins from the store and make clothes for our dolls-My Little Ponies, in my case. Have a “fashion show” with the dolls or make up skits and act them out.

-On the “fashion show” tip, play “agent” and dress your daughters up for a photo shoot or show to perform for you.

-Go to a new restaurant or one you don't normally get to go to. Make it "yours".

-Speaking of which, pick a day and make it a point to go out and do something on a regular basis. Shopping at Walmart and going to "our" Chinese restaurant in a nearby town was one of my favorite things to do with my mother. I miss her.

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