Thursday, January 9, 2014

Unlikely Animal Friendships

Believe it or not, not all “natural enemies” really are enemies. Sometimes animals from species you wouldn't think would get along do. For instance, my cat Daniel Tiger used to play and sleep with my roommate's puppy. He even helped teach the puppy how to behave by whacking or poking him on the nose when he went too far when other cats would probably have just screeched and run away. What I thought was the most interesting thing, though, was that Daniel never used his claws on the dog; other cats probably would have torn him up or at least sent him away with more than a few scratches. He was a very patient, mellow cat in that way. I miss him.

This is a YouTube video clip from “Too Cute!”, a really fun show on Animal Planet.

I especially love the puppies playing with the goat. My friend's family used to raise dairy goats and I can tell you from experience that they're usually not that patient!

The last thing you'd expect to see a cheetah do is play “chase” with a dog, but here it is:

This lion, tiger and bear team was found in the garage of a drug dealer. While I have no clue as to how that guy got these animals in his garage (cubs or not) and lived to tell about it, it's still sweet to see what a “family” they've become.


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