Monday, October 8, 2012

Stem Cell Treatments For Autism

Autism is a very common disorder currently, and the medical breakthroughs that are being exposed about it are as abundant as the myths. Some assume they can catch autism from someone else or that another child in the immediate family will take on the same character traits as another sibling living with autism in the same household or that a child can obtain the condition from an injury to the head and those are just some of the autism myths out there today. As for the medical breakthroughs, experts seem to be diligently trying to find ways to alter the symptoms of autism as well as find some cures for the millions of children and adults effected by the ailment. Stem cell treatments for autism are getting a lot media attention for their amazing results in autistic people and some have even claimed it has drastically helped them and even cured them of the disorder.

Many experts claim that some individual cases of autism have been brought on by a faulty hormone in the body called oxytocin and also by environmental components such as significant exposure to chemicals and pollutants in the air in which the use of stem cell treatments can have an effective result in treating. The actual cells are to be taken from sources such as the umbilical cord at birth or they can also be taken from bone marrow as well as many other resources to extrude the stem cells from the human body. Once they are extracted they are utilized into the patient with autism by injection and within a few days or even weeks they can begin to see a noticeable change in their behaviors and their sensory disorders. This is not a highly practiced theory as if yet, but it has been done and has had tremendous success in many people young and old. The government funding for such stem cell treatments and research is still very low which is why it is important for those who have seen the aftermath of what stem cell treatments are capable of or those who parents of autistic children or family members should always begin to be a strong advocate and be supportive of this type of stem cell research and help to push the government to help fund it.

Millions of people are living with autism in the world and if this could be the possible answer to the prayers of the families effected by the disorder, then eventually you will see more funding and more doctors ready to administer the stem cell treatments for autism in your local hospitals as well. Each child and they way they respond to such treatments will vary, but if it could make a difference in your child's life, then seek some advice on stem cell procedures from your family doctor.

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  1. I guess that is why saving your baby's cord blood at birth could help later on?